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Roughly 70% of startups falter due to the lack of funding, often because they struggle to navigate the intricacies of investor readiness. Let us guide you through this critical phase, ensuring your venture is well-prepared for success!


We bring international expertise and a deep understanding of the startup landscape. Our track record makes us trustworthy advisors who have walked in your shoes:

  • Proven Serial Entrepreneurs
  • Successful Funding in several, international Rounds
  • Successful Pitches in Silicon Valley | UK | Western-, Central- & Eastern-Europe
  • Graduated Accelerators in Austria & Silicon Valley
  • Investors Network: 150k+ Investors (US, UK, EU, UAE)


Story of success

Successfully advised several Startups!


Funding Preparation

We address and proactively resolve any red flags that could hinder an investment. Additionally, we establish a comprehensive data room, facilitating seamless access to crucial information.

Fundraising & Capital

Access to capital is vital for growth. With our extensive experience and vast database of 150k+ investors, we navigate the fundraising landscape to get you funded.

Pitch Training

We offer personalized guidance to enhance presentation skills, refine messaging, and captivate audiences. Boost confidence, engage effectively, and increase the chances of conveying ideas successfully.

Continuous Advisory

Advice for whatever concerns you most:
Competition & Positioning
SWOT & Market research
Business Models & Sales Growth

Partner Network

We have a hand-picked network of trustworthy partners for all tasks:
  • Tax Consultants
  • Lawyers
  • Notaries
  • UI/UX Designers
  • Software Agencies
  • Social Media Marketing Specialists
  • Funding Advisors
  • Advertising Agencies
  • M&A Advisors
  • Internationalization Experts (e.g. USA)
  • and much more!

Pricing and Packages

Tailored to your Startup’s needs

Select your desired topic from our service range – or bring up what worries you the most!

Affordable pricing

We know how tight money is at a startup! We see ourselves as your partners, therefore we offer different advisory packages – starting from €99,-!

Flexible packaging

As Startup founders, we know that every week can be different and therefore needs to vary. You can choose individual topics that currently interest you and also change them on the run.


Christoph Härtel

Serial Entrepreneur

Co-Founder & CEO – Gold Nugget Ventures
Co-Founder & CEO – PetAid GmbH
Finance & Product Development Specialist
Work experience from small companies to corporates like RedBull and P&G

Jennifer Gradwohl-Härtel

Passionate Female Founder

Co-Founder & Startup Mentor – Gold Nugget Ventures
Co-Founder & CSO – PetAid GmbH
Keynote Speaker & Pitch Trainer
Former Head of Business Development for Online Media


“I had the opportunity to work with Jennifer and Christoph. They came with the right mindset and deeply understood and honed in on specific unmet needs of their target group. They were customer-centric in their approach and while they have a clear big-picture vision,they demonstrated business agility by iterating and pivoting on their concept. They took a 360 view of not only the opportunity but also had an operator-centric mindset to understand the nuances of going to market and making changes as needed to build a product that can potentially scale.

Dutta Satadip

Chief Customer Officer, Active Campaign.
Former Google and Pinterest
Advisor at Berkeley Skydeck

“I’m the CEO of Founders Space. I worked with both Jennifer and Christoph as a part of the Advantage Austria startup program in SanFrancisco. I can tell you that they are fantastic. Both of them are smart, dedicated, and creative. I believe they have what it takes to succeed.”


Steven Hoffman

Chairman & CEO of FoundersSpace

“I had the opportunity to work with Jennifer and Christoph several times in the last few months. I noticed their very strong determination and involvement in their project and I am confident they are on a journey to success. On a more personal note, they have both very good communication skills and very likable personalities.”


Jeff Cabili

Stanford Continuing Studies Instructor
Former Director of Business Development Stanford Graduate School of Business

“PetAid was chosen in a highly competitive selection process as one of 10 Austrian Startups to be part of the Go USA – Silicon Valley Startup Landing Zone program. Christoph and Jennifer have impressed both our mentors and coaches and continously made great leaps in growth in a very short period of time throughout the program. We are proud to have been part of PetAid’s path and believe they have immense potential for success.”


Daniel Zawarczynski

Director at Open Austria | San Francisco

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